All the information you need for FIBO and the Calisthenics Cup 2024.

Prize Money

For each athlete participating in a category, €175 is added to that category’s prize pool. For instance, if 8 athletes compete in a category, the prize money increases by €1,400 (8 x €175). This means the prize grows with the number of participants, making the competition even more rewarding!



  1. 1200€

  2. 600€

  3. 300€


  1. 600€

  2. 300€

  3. 150€


  1. 800€

  2. 400€

  3. 200€


Visitors must purchase tickets to attend FIBO. However, athletes participating in the event will receive free tickets from us, valid for all four days of FIBO.



Men's & Women's category: 12 male athletes and 6 female athletes.

4 Judges

Combinations, Dynamics, Statics & Power Dynamics


Tournament format with 1-on-1 K.O. battles, in the end a final battle with three competitors

Last Day TO Apply

16 February 2024

Strength Endurance


One category featuring the top 8 male elite endurance athletes


Tournament format with 1-on-1 K.O. battles with the goal of finishing a set routine faster than the opponent, in the end a final battle with two competitors

Last Day TO Apply

16 February 2024




Calisthenics Cup FIBO 2024: The Premier Fitness Event in Cologne

Dive into the heart of the calisthenics community at the Calisthenics Cup FIBO 2024, the leading calisthenics competition and street workout championship in Europe. Hosted in the vibrant city of Cologne, this event is a cornerstone of the fitness calendar, drawing athletes and enthusiasts from across the globe.

The Ultimate Showcase of Calisthenics Talent

FIBO, the world-renowned fitness, health, and wellness exhibition, sets the stage for the Calisthenics Cup, a spectacle of strength, freestyle, and community. Participants in the freestyle calisthenics and endurance calisthenics categories will compete for glory and a share of the 4500€ prize pool, underlining the event's status as a must-attend competition for calisthenics athletes.

Why Attend the Calisthenics Cup at FIBO 2024?

Whether you're an athlete looking to compete in one of the most prestigious calisthenics competitions or a fitness enthusiast eager to witness the pinnacle of street workout championship, the Calisthenics Cup offers an unparalleled experience. Discover the latest trends in fitness and calisthenics gear, meet top calisthenics athletes, and immerse yourself in the energetic atmosphere of FIBO 2024.

Participation and Registration

Aspiring competitors are encouraged to apply for their spot in the competition. With categories catering to both male and female athletes, the Calisthenics Cup is an inclusive event that showcases the diverse talent within the calisthenics community. Secure your chance to be part of this extraordinary fitness event in Cologne by registering before the February 16th, 2024 deadline.

Connect with the Calisthenics Community

Beyond the competition, the Calisthenics Cup is a celebration of the calisthenics lifestyle. Attendees can look forward to engaging workshops, interactive sessions with calisthenics influencers, and exclusive offers on calisthenics gear from leading brands. It's not just a competition; it's an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with the calisthenics community.

Stay Updated

Don't miss any updates about the Calisthenics Cup FIBO 2024. Follow the event on social media and visit the official website for the latest news on participants, schedules, and more. Whether you're joining us in Cologne or tuning in from afar, be part of the excitement and inspiration that defines the Calisthenics Cup.


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